Pixel Press


Link Site & Domain Name News

I have taken Video Game Links and Comic Links down and I am selling the videogamelinks.com and comiclinks.com domain names to Adam Maysonet's Insane Entertainment, LLC. Adam is the publisher of several entertainment Web sites, including Game Links at http://www.gamelinks.com/, so he should be able to put both domain names to good use.


Project News

Following a partial redesign, the evolution of Monthly Calendars continues with its transformation into CalendarWorks. CalendarWorks still offers the same kinds of free monthly calendars for you to download, print, and enjoy, but there is even more to come in the near future and the new name better suits the breadth of my plans for the site.

Also in the works are a new project group and my first independently-published application for Windows XP (Mac OS X and GNU/Linux versions may come later if I can make the time and find the money to develop them). Details about both developments should be posted here soon.


Web Site Status

I am presently too busy with schoolwork, finding a job (there simply do not seem to be many decent jobs available around here right now, but I keep looking), and a few particular personal projects to work on most of my web sites, so I have taken most of them down temporarily, but indefinitely. I have, however, been updating both Game Buzz and Monthly Calendars on a regular basis, so you may be able to find something you have not yet seen or read at one of them.